What our customers are saying about us:

As a busy working mom, I'm can't get my kids to the library or a bookshop during regular business hours! Thanks for giving me an affordable solution that helps my kids to read more. - Patti S., MA


I never realized how much my daughter liked reading! - Tamara R., CA


Just got the first BookPig box and it was like Christmas for the kids. They loved the packaging, were super excited to see the books they picked and excited to see how many they can finish to get more. It is a great product. Just wanted to let you know. - Sonia C., CA


We love your service. I never dreamed it would be so personal.” - Pippa G., NJ


Convenience, availability and no late fees - Big thank you to BookPig! - Thea A., CN


My kids are book lovers but we don't have the time to go to the library or the money to spend on new books. Renting from BookPig is so easy and we love the recommendations! - Charlotte C., TN


My kids definitely read more now that we've signed up with BookPig. I always struggled to get them their book choices before but now I know they'll get exactly what they want in the next delivery - thanks Book Pig! - Lisa W., CA


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If you know a child who loves to read, there's a new website that can keep them in books for a lot less than buying new. - Saving with 6 - ABC News


Like a library on your doorstep, a wonderfully easy way to surround your children with books they will love to read. - Mommies with Cents


We like BookPig's simple interface. It is very much like Netflix in the way it delivers book recommendations to kids based on their reading habits and likes and dislikes. Since they can't "discover" books that are inappropriate for them, like while browsing Amazon, parents can feel safer letting them make their own choices. - GreatDad.com


I could not be more thrilled that this landed in my inbox last night ... awesome service. - The Centsible Life


A convenient and inexpensive way for dads and moms to help their kids read more. - Daddy Forever (geek dad blog)


Parents will love it because it will let them save both time and money. - Killer Startups


Get your kid reading today - GreatStartups.com